Research for article concerning the differences between U.K and U.S maternity health care provision?

I’m writing an article for a blog called Mothers For Womens Lib. The article will be focusing on maternity health care services in the U.S and the U.K, and the main differences between the two. The article is coming from my own personal perspective, which is pro natural birth, pro breastfeeding and pro socialised health care.

I’d like for you to share your opinions/thoughts/ideas on what you consider to be the main two differences you see. I’d like perspectives from all kinds of women, from midwives/doulas/nurses to women who consider themselves fairly uneducated about these things.

I’m also missing a few statistics from the article, and would like suggestions from those who have had personal experience and those who can suggest places where I might find the statistics. I’ve done so much research already, but I figured the more research the better really.

My questions are:

-How many insurance policies/companies cover the cost of a birth centre or midwife led birth?
-How much does a midwife led pregnancy birth cost *on average*?
-How much does an ob/gyn led birth cost *on average*?
-Is there somewhere I can find a rough breakdown of the costs of birth/pregnancy in the U.S? For all sorts of things such as birthing pools, drugs, hospital rooms, birth centre stays, pitocin/other induction methods, blood tests, amniocentesis etc?

I’d like those of you that feel comfortable sharing to share your birth stories, whether negative or positive. I’d like a fair balance of stories from the U.S and the U.K if at all possible. If negative experiences, what could have been done to change them? Would those things be able to happen in the area you live in? If positive, what do you think helped you to have a positive birth experience?

You are free to stay anonymous or not so as you see fit. I will of course link anyone who has contributed to the finished article.

Thank you for those that are willing to participate and help me with my research. Blessings to all!


One Response to “Research for article concerning the differences between U.K and U.S maternity health care provision?”

  1. Naittestoda Says:

    Thanks for the informative information – I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. 🙂 Cheers,

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