Intro post

This is my first attempt at blogging outside the safe sheltering motherly protection of Live Journal.  For a time now I’ve been wanting to post more about feminism.  But as my views, thoughts, ideas, feelings and theories have developed they’ve moved radically past what they originally were.  This means that firstly, a lot of people on my delightful friends list probably won’t be comfortable reading what I’m writing.  Secondly, I’ve become increasingly aware recently that Live Journal is becoming very PC, and it’s no longer somewhere that I feel comfortable expressing anti patriachal views.

So here I am, courtest of  I’m going to be fiddling about with links, pages, colours, headers etc, so you’ll likely find that my blog appearance changes every time you look at it.

The one thing that won’t change is the content:

Pure, unfiltered, rabid, man hating, anti patriachal, prissy, anti porn, anti prostitution feminist rants.

So to get a few things out in the open for those that are mad enough to be interested in what I have to say:

I’m queer, I’m young, I’m a mother, I’m mentally and physically ill.  I hate men.  I think the world would be a much better place if populated by women.  I AM sex positive in that I love sex and have a health libido.  However, I do not consider porn to be sex.  As porn is pretty much everywhere in our culture, from magazines to newspapers and handcream adverts, you’ll find I’m pretty much anti everything that you call sex.  Getting naked (or partially so) with someone, touching them, aiming to give them pleasure, enjoying physical sensations, that’s sex.  PORN IS NOT SEX.  I’m also anti prostitution.  If you’re going to come here with ideas of trying to convince me why it’s a good thing and how some women do it out of choice blah blah blah, don’t bother.  I’ve developed a good way of filtering out stuff that is rubbish and that I don’t agree with, it’s called ‘hitting the delete button’. 😛


2 Responses to “Intro post”

  1. Mary Tracy9 Says:

    Hi, I come from Anji’s blog. I’ve just read “The F Word”‘s latest post and it’s pro-prostitution message really pissed me off. I’m happy I found your blog to counter balance that!

    I’ll be checking you out.

  2. nakedfaery Says:

    I have a hard time believing that anyone can be ‘pro prostitution’. Most of the pro arguments I’ve heard are from non feminists and it’s all just the same patriachal crap, just coming out of a womans mouth and sometimes I just can’t credit it.

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